Lights and Shadows

Welcome to Light and Shadow, our fourth unit in Science.

We will be learning all about how light operates. Did you know that light continues unless it is reflected, absorbed, or bent?

The Light and Shadow Show

Our class will be presenting our final project to other classes at the end of this unit. (Date to be announced shortly). The Light and Shadow Show will teach our audience about

  • reflection
  • photons
  • colour
  • optical illusions
  • luminescent objects
  • solar eclipses
  • and much more!

Mixing Colour with Light
The Light Stuff
Light Pollution
Time Traveller: Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Plants in Motion

Light continues unless it is reflected, absorbed, or bent.

How Light Travels
Speed of Light

Solar Eclipse
Have you ever seen a solar eclipse?

Shadow Tricks
Check out these illusions using shadows.

Light and the Law of Reflection

Telescope Girl

Cooking Cookies with Solar Power

Observing Refraction of Light

Light and Colour
How can we see colour? I thought light was white.

The Light Waterfall
Can you bend light? I know I can.

Chromatron 1
Here's a game where you use mirrors and lense to reflect a laser into colored targets. Move the proper mirror or lense into the path of the laser beam. That will cause the laser to reflect into a different direction. How many levels can you pass?

Mirror Tricks and Optical Illusions
Mirror Illusions
The Living Head Illusion