Vehicles and Devices That Move

Final Project Week!  February 25-29

For our final project with Vehicles and Devices that Move, we will be constructing a giant Rube Goldberg invention.  Our class will work together to design, construct, and operate a complex machine to perform a simple task.

Our challenge:  Create a machine to wake you up in the morning.

January 7 - February 15

After taking a look at how wheels help us in everyday ways, we are moving on to our next unit. Vehicles and Devices That Move will examine some of the ways that machines are designed to make getting around a little easier.
Building A Rube Goldberg Machine:
Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist who invented some pretty interesting machines. To finish off our unit, we will be building a complicated machine to perform an everyday task. Take a look at the following videos for some ideas of how we will go about doing this.

This quiz is now available for you to practice. We will be completing this quiz in class on Friday, January 18.

Velocity And Acceleration
This interactive flash game demonstrates how velocity and acceleration. Not only how fast is something moving, but in which direction. Notice that when an object begins to move in a different direction, the acceleration changes.

Friction Race Track
Which surface provides the least friction? Which has the most friction? Change the surface of the track to find out!

Building A Rollercoaster
Design A RollerCoaster
Stunt Bike

Moon Olympics
Find out how a change in Gravity would affect your favourite sports.

Keyword search: Junkyard Wars: Cool Cars
Find out how scientists and drivers work together to get Indy Cars safely around a race track at high speeds.

Can you carry a ball in an upside down glass pitcher?

Ned Kahn is an artist whose art makes invisible forces like wind, water, and gravity become visible. (Check out the enormous sculptures that catch the wind currents.)

This video will show you how Friction helps us speed up and slow down.

This New York Times report explains why skates glide over the ice. Also, this guy can't really skate, so it's kind of funny to see him try.