Rollers, Levers, and Moai Statues

When you think Easter Island, think of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Easter Island is over 2000 miles from any major population.  It really is one of the most isolated places on Earth.  However, it is best known for the giant stone statues that dot its coastline.  These statues are known as Moai. 

A long time ago, the people of Easter Island built the massive stone Moai out of the island's volcanic rock, high in the hills of the island.  As you will see, bringing the stone statues down to the ocean proved to be quite the challenge.

Sadly, the Easter Islands are one example of an environmental disaster.  As trees were cut down to transport the Moai, the environment suffered.  Eventually, the island was inhospitable as the need for wood grew and grew.  The people of the island were forced to move because of the terrible effect the transportation of these statues had on the land.

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